Living with Desire

Learning how to Trust God with your Desires so that He can give you the best!

The word desire is a tricky one.  For many, it will automatically bring up thoughts of a more intimate nature.  Where we think of desiring someone…but, it is so much more than that!  Living with desire can be tricky if we do not know how to handle it.

Desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

We all have desires…for some, it is a desire to find that perfect mate.  For others, it is a better job.  For still others, they have desires for success and fame.

What are your desires?

Did you know that God created us to have desires?  He has perfectly formed each and every one of us and fashioned us in such a way that our strengths, abilities, passions and desires will be able to serve Him and others perfectly.  Without desires, we would not have the drive to move forward.  We would get really comfortable sitting where we are.

As I shared in Living in the Wait when we learn to delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4).  So, now that we have our delight fixed on Jesus…here comes the part where the desires start to be made real in our lives.

Questions is…do we even know what the desires of our hearts really are?

A long time ago, after many bad relationships and broken dreams, I wrote down a quick little note of things I wanted in a man.  I threw it in a drawer and totally forgot about it.  Years later, I had started following Jesus and prayed that He would lead me to the right man…but, I told Him that I did not want to date anymore.  I was fed up with the whole thing.

And He honored that.

The well full of men that seemed to never empty dried up and I was left wondering if I had really meant what I prayed.  Oh, but He is faithful!  It was during those two years when I had not a single man look in my direction that I found my place in the heart of God.  He nurtured me and molded me and taught me who I was in Him.  He strengthened my resolve to follow Him first, even when it was so uncomfortable In The Wait.

At the end of that two years, I was given the top list desire that God knew I had.  A Godly partner to walk through this life with.  He had perfectly fashioned him just for me and because we had both been found faithful In The Wait, we were given to each other for marriage without ever going on a single date.

As we began the process of cleaning out and joining our homes together I stumbled across that notebook and that little list of qualities that I had asked for in a man…you know what?  My husband had each one of them.  God knew the desires of my heart and He gave them to me when it was the perfect time.

I can promise you this…He will not set you up.  If my husband had come along 3 years earlier, 5 years earlier, 10 years earlier…it would NEVER have worked.  A lot had to happen to he and I both before we were ready for our commitment to God and then each other.  My desires were there, yet God knew exactly when to fulfill them and how to fulfill them.

So, as you examine the desires that are driving you today…do you have some that may need to be handed over to the Lord for Him to hold onto?  Are you ready for them to be fulfilled at this moment, or is it possible that He sees things that need to be worked out first?

Trust in His timing…you will never be sorry you did.  He created your heart.  He created your desires.  Give them back to Him and He will do something so amazing with them that you will just stand in awe of it all.

I do every day.

Trusting God with your desires is the best thing you will ever do!

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