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Watch a Goat give birth to babies on farm

It’s that time again when new baby goats seem to appear every day! We shared this video a few months back of our goats birth on our YouTube Channel, but thought you all might like to see it also!

It’s rare that we get to experience the birth…normally these Mamas just handle everything on their own with the help of their midwife. You will see her in the video waiting patiently. She is an Anatolian Livestock Guardian dog.

Her name is Freckles and she is absolutely amazing. She will stay with a laboring mother until she gives birth. Freckles then licks and helps clean the baby when the mother needs it and disposes of the afterbirth once it is delivered. She will keep predators away from the goats and is an amazing guard dog. We are so blessed to have her as a constant companion to our goats in the front pasture.

And if you want to see the babies a little closer…

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