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Update Google Maps Easily with Your Business Information

Quickly and Easily Update your Business Information on Google so that it accurately displays online for Your Customers

It is amazing how each small task that is required when setting up a business for the first time can seem so cumbersome and tedious!

Can I get an Amen?!?!

Each time that I would sit down to work on a particular aspect of my business, let’s say a Facebook Page, for example, I would find that I needed to do 10 other tasks first before I could finish that one.

A big issue was our address and road name being unlisted! You can’t send directions, add an address on Facebook, etc. without your address being on Google.

So, I figured out an easy way to add your New Business and to edit information about your existing business as well as businesses around you!

Watch this video to see how!!


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Google Local Guides

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In this Quick Video, learn how to easily add or update your business information online in Google Search Results.

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