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Why I Quit my Banking Career

Learn when its time to quit your day job through this series

A few years back, I was working as a bank manager and had a really great salary.  I was a single mom and was not receiving any additional support to help with raising my son.  I woke up one day with a very painful bump on my nose…during the next few weeks it spread rapidly over my entire face.  I thought I had a really awful case of acne, but it wound up being so bad that I had to take a week off from work because my face was incredibly inflamed and I could not wear make-up.

It was an extremely painful, mortifyingly embarrassing, and incredibly humbling time in my life.

During the week that I was home, I truly found a place of peace and rest.  For the first time in a long time, I had a spotless house and all the to-do’s that I had put off were done.  I can remember walking through my home and just feeling at ease and relaxed because I knew that I had nothing on my plate, nowhere to go (not that I would have in my condition) and no one needed anything from me.

It was then I heard the whisper.

This was not the first time God whispered to me…but, it was the first time that I did a double take instead of just immediately following.  You see, He whispered, “Wouldn’t it be nice to stay at home?”

I immediately thought to myself, that could not have been God!  That is just my flesh!!

I mean, wouldn’t most people prefer to stay at home vs. working 9 to 5?

So, I did what anyone should do when they hear something they think is from God (but they aren’t totally sure)…

I began to pray.

I probably prayed too long…but, for this old gal, I wanted to make sure.  Especially when leaving something super comfortable, gratifying, and plain old easy as a 9 – 5 job to stay at home and have absolutely no idea how I will be able to support my family.

I still have the pages in my journal where I calculated expenses and my savings and the prayers that I wrote out to the Lord.

I prayed for 6 months.

Then, I did it.

I made a daring decision.

I turned in my resignation.

Whew!  That was easy!

Nope, think again!  That is when it got harder!  I was offered more money to stay; I had people telling me there was no way that I could do this; I heard from my boss several times about how challenging it is as a business woman to stay home to raise children; etc!

But, in January 2010, I walked out and never looked back!  I honestly did not know what would happen, but I knew that with the money I had saved and the belief that God was in control of this decision, surely I could not go wrong!

From that time until now, I have started several successful businesses.  I am currently still operating a photography business, a blog, a vacation rental business and a direct sales business from home with my children.  It is my goal to continue to diversify and create revenue streams for our family so that we can continue in ministry and mission work with the flexibility we need.

Have I ever thought about getting a real job? Yes!  Will I?  Not anytime soon if I can help it!!!

I truly believe that no matter what comes along and presents itself as a challenge, that the Lord has given me this gift of time and flexibility that I so greatly love about being a small business owner. It took a very painful experience to get me to the point that I was ready to listen, but I am so grateful that it happened!

There are so many factors involved with running your own business.  But, it is possible to begin without knowing everything!!  I am living proof!

As a result of all the life/business lessons I have learned so far over the last 7 years, I want to share with you all the info that I have gleaned from my own experiences and through the wisdom of others!  I actually really enjoy the “business” aspect of business.  Next week I will share my advice for the steps to take before you quit your job…but, in the meantime, feel free to email me any questions you may have about your business, quitting, your job, saving money, etc and I will address them in future posts!! kelli{at}livingwaterlane{dot}com




Choosing to Become an Entrepreneur is a Scary Decision that comes with Great Rewards
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