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This summer we were blessed with the opportunity to accelerate our building project by building our House #2 on site with the students from the High School Carpentry Program vs. waiting until school started for the students to build it during the semester.

We jumped on this project because we knew how much easier life would be with two houses under construction simultaneously vs. spaced out over 6 months.

Let me tell you, these kids were fast and great workers!  We are so thankful for the ability to get this completed in just under 3 weeks!

To give you a comparison…when we built the house at the school our Material Costs plus the 10% fee that is paid into the Carpentry Program equaled $16,200 and our moving costs were 9,000.  Grand total for framing house 1 = $25,200

With the house built on site…our Materials cost was cheaper (there was a discount available through Lowes) and totaled $14,321 and the labor was $12,000 to the students and teachers.  Grand total for framing house 2 = $26,321

I think you can see from the numbers how blessed we were to be able to make this happen!  All of our Sub-Contractors have been able to quote a little better price for the work they are doing because we have 2 houses ready at the same time…and we will also be able to rent house #2 about 6 months earlier than we originally thought which will greatly help the bottom line!

Here are a few pics that Keith, the Carpentry Teacher/Contractor took during the building phase of these houses!


I can’t wait to share more with you very soon!!  This project is coming along quickly!!!  Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments below!


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Learn about the difference in Construction costs with building on site vs. building at the local high school.

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