Sheetrock complete in Vacation Retreats

New Construction installation of Sheetrock
We are so thankful that our Sheetrock is complete in our New Construction! What a difference it makes!! It is so nice to have all that Insulation covered up!!


When preparing for our Sheetrock installation (aka drywall in certain circles) we first had the installer to come out and quote our houses.  I obviously have no idea how to figure up the amount of sheetrock needed, so I trusted my installer to be able to tell me exactly how much.  The key point though…be sure to pay attention to the size boards the installer gives you!  Mine requested 4′ x 12′ boards and I ordered 4′ x 8’…so, as you can imagine, I had to go back and get more!  GRR!

Our quote included all materials except the drywall board…and we were given a discount on using a texture on the ceiling.  Expect a per-board price from your installer since that seems to be the way most quote!

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This is what we ordered (notice you get a discount when ordering bulk!):

4′ x 12′ Sheetrock Ultralight

Let’s look at some pics…shall we?!?!

In this bathroom, I noticed that the tub stuck out a little farther than I thought would be ok…so, I had the sheetrock installer add a 2×4 to this wall and that allowed more overhang for t tub.  Although it probably would have been fine, I actually like the way it looks better now that we did that.

What a difference walls make!  This finally looks like a house!  So excited to see it all coming together!

Sheetrock getting installedAs a side note…sheetrock is messy and creates lots of waste.  If you do not have a dumpster on your job, you will want to rent one for this stage.  We did and only needed the smaller one (I can get you the measurement if you need it).  Usually, your rental is $1.50-$3 per day and then there is a delivery charge plus the actual charges from the landfill.  While you have sheetrock in your dumpster, be sure to tarp it if it rains…sheetrock will absorb all that water and make your load much heavier and more expensive at the landfill!

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Understanding the process of drywall installation in new construction

Coming next, Paint!!!

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